Declaring April as Limb Loss Awareness Month

The Amputee Coalition of Toronto is declaring April as Limb Loss Awareness Month to observe, share and celebrate individual stories of loss, recovery, triumph and how we move on with life after limb loss. 

Why do we need to share our stories? 

Limb loss is life changing regardless of the reason. Everyone’s story is unique and each one is as interesting as it is important. Awareness begins with telling these stories to start the conversation. Why? Because they have to be heard – by medical and research professionals, our friends and our neighbours.  For anyone who needs encouragement while dealing with their limb loss journey because knowing that they are not alone is instrumental in their recovery. But more importantly our legislators and our government needs to hear our stories so that laws and policies are a reflection of our needs today for a better quality of life. 

Bringing Awareness and Advocacy 

The Amputee Coalition of Toronto is committed to sharing stories, celebrating and advocating for the amputee community and committed to demonstrating that there is life after amputation. We encourage you to participate in bringing awareness by sharing your limb loss story with others. We have events planned throughout the month of April so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can do the following to help us spread the word of April as Limb Loss Awareness Month:

  • Wear an orange ribbon (official Limb Loss Awareness colour) 
  • Wear an orange shirt every Wednesday in the month of April 
  • Use the following hashtags on social media: #LLAM #ACTLLAM #LimbLossToronto #ACToronto #LimbLossAwarenessToronto #AmputeeCoalitionToronto #AmputeeCoalitionTorontoAdvocacy 
  • Tag us on your Instagram posts and stories: @amputeecoalitionoftoronto
  • Tag us on Twitter: @ac_toronto

We have a lot of things planned for April so make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date! 

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