May Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who came out for our May Potluck and Blue Jays vs. Oakland A’s group outing! We hope you all had a blast!

May Potluck

Once again we kicked off the month with our usual May Potluck. We like to say you can never have too much food, but honestly… we have too much food every time!

Special shout-outs to the chefs Jean, Christine and Mary Anne for spoiling us with delicious chicken, those creamy salads and that amazingly moist chocolate orange cake! We’re still drooling!

We were also pleased to finally meet Armali and her husband Art. We hope to see you guys again at one of our next events!


Toronto Blue Jay’s Game

Moving on to our mid-month group outing The Jay’s Game!

What a fun day, great seats, awesome people and of course more food.
Do you get the impression we’re always eating?!

We got VIP treatment with accessible seating and primo photography provided by the Jay’s gate attendant that never seemed annoyed no matter how much ruckus we caused.

Sadly our boys in blue lost 3-1 to the Oakland A’s. We made up for the loss by getting loud with the crowd (Meredith). Making a serious ballgame mess by shelling some peanuts and eating/throwing salty popcorn. Let’s not forget about Todd shaking his money maker trying to get on the big screen and all the prosthesis that were taken off to be used as bats and eating vessels.

Another quick shout out to Eric and Carmen for dancing in their seats whenever Spanish music would play for the batters. Yeah, we saw you guys!


We’re so happy to be building this beautiful community of people. It feels like the more we get together the more excited we are to see each other the next time. The atmosphere at this month’s potluck was something truly special. Above all thank you to all our members for making our Toronto Amputee Support Group so incredible!

We can’t wait to see you all again!


Amputee Coalition of Toronto welcomes all amputees in Toronto and the surrounding GTA to join our support group for more information on monthly meetups, upcoming events, and a safe space to share your journey. We’re in this together!


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