Request An Amputee Peer Visit

What is a Certified Peer Visitor?

A Certified Peer Visitor or CPV is a volunteer who has successfully completed their training and been certified by the Amputee Coalition (US) to perform peer visits. Our CPV’s have a clear understanding and agreed to protect the personal information from unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of information through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) in Canada and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) in the US.

Requesting a visit from a Certified Amputee Peer Visitor

One of the most instrumental aspects of a person’s journey through their amputation is the ability to recognize that they are not alone. There are others just like you who have gone through the process and have successfully recovered and are back to living a productive and enjoyable life. The Amputee Coalition of Toronto was born out of an amputee peer visit and has proven over time that a peer support system is crucial to a person’s recovery. ACT has a network of volunteer Certified Peer Visitors in the Toronto and GTA areas that can meet with you at your request.

How do I request an amputee peer visit?

If you have had an amputation, are scheduled to have an amputation, or were born with a limb difference, you may request an amputee peer visit with one a Certified Peer Visitor using the form below. If you are a parent, spouse or caregiver of a person with a limb loss or limb difference, and wish to have an amputee peer visit for the person you are providing support, you will first need to verify that the person has consented to speak with a Certified Peer Visitor.

Will my visitor have the same amputation as me?

Our administrators will try to match you with the best peer supporter according to your needs.
Availability of our volunteers depends on their schedules. Please complete the form above to request an amputee peer visit. We will get back to you as soon as possible in order to arrange a visit.