We’ve put together a list of our Toronto Amputee Support Group’s frequently as questions for our members and newcomers.

Feel free to contact us if you find your question is not answered in the sections below, we’re always looking to improve!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no membership fee required to join or become a member of ACT. However, you are responsible for your own cost when participating in an event if there is an entry fee required. For example, if the group event is going to a game, you will be responsible for your ticket to attend the game and food you may have at the event. We try as much as possible to get group discounts to events so that it is affordable for everyone!
Yes. We encourage our amputee peers and their care providers (spouse, partner, parent, friend, etc.) to participate in our social events and outings. Because we are a peer support group, we encourage regular attendance of our members at our group social events, peer group meetings, and outings.
Yes. Our peer support meet-ups and events are posted on our Events Calendar and on our Facebook group. We highly recommend that you let us know if you will be attending our meet-ups especially if there is limited availability (number of tickets, event capacity, or reservations) to an event.
Yes we do! You can request a peer visitationhere section of our site.
No. The group decides what we should do for the next peer group meet-up. Ideas are often tossed around in the last meet-up or a poll is posted on our Facebook group. We also do potlucks and there's often tons of food!
No. We welcome all levels of amputation regardless of where you are in your journey. We also welcome pre-amputation patients, families and friends to participate, learn and share.
No. We are family friendly. However, the group may plan on a meet-up at a location (bar, pub, etc.) where there may be age restrictions. Our meet-up details are posted on our Event Calendar and Facebook Group.
ACT meets at least once a month. However, our members also participate in events outside of the group and we often support them as a group. Our peer support meet-ups have included:
  • Potlucks
  • Going to sporting events, movies, dining out, etc.
  • Doing fun activities such as axe throwing, bowling, and even a fun run/walk!
Check out our Instagram page for pictures from the Achilles' St. Patrick's Day 5K event in Toronto.
Yes. However, we do ask that you let us know immediately about a change in your plans if you have made committed to attend a peer group meetup especially if there were reservations made or tickets purchased on your behalf. Otherwise, come when you can!
ACT is about promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for amputees. We do discuss topics that affects us in our journeys in our group meet-ups. We found that it happens organically in a social setting and having fun. That's why we recommend for our members to come regularly to meet-ups to continue the conversations. Our Facebook group is also an area where we discuss hot topics. We encourage our members to post questions to group.
We try to be as accommodating as much as possible when planning our meet-ups. We do our best to find locations that are not only accessible by public transit (wheel-trans) or have parking spaces, but we also ensure that there are ramps, accessible tables, and accessible washrooms to accommodate all our needs. However, we cannot provide you with personal support in areas like bathroom use and eating.
We are always open to new ideas.
Please submit your proposal through the form below. We would be more than happy to review it. If there is interest within the group, we will be in contact with you.

Amputee Coalition of Toronto welcomes all amputees in Toronto and the surrounding GTA
to join our support group for more information on monthly meetups, upcoming events, and a safe space to share your journey. We’re in this together!