Who We Are

The Amputee Coalition of Toronto was established in 2017, by a group of amputees in Toronto. We realized quickly that there was no active amputee peer support group in Toronto. We wanted something where we can connect with each other, share our experiences navigating through post-amputation needs, and learn from one another in a more social setting.

What makes ACT unique?

An amputee’s journey is unique to themselves. We may have had similar levels of amputation, but no one is like the other. ACT is equally unique as an amputee peer support group. We promote an active lifestyle for all levels of activity. We focus on skills, comfort, and where the person is on their amputation journey. Through our meetups, we encourage and motivate each other to adopt a full life. We aspire to truly live every day without limits; demonstrating that there is life after amputation.

Our Mission

The Amputee Coalition of Toronto has the following missions:

  • Hold regular social and outing events including amputee support group meetings
  • Offer a one on one amputee peer support visitation program with a Certified Amputee Peer Visitor to connect amputees in the area.
  • Bring awareness to limb loss and provide resources for pre and post amputee members.
  • Spotlight amputees in the community who are bringing awareness to limb loss.
  • Share ideas, inform, educated, share resources and advocacy in an open-forum discussion with all our members.

Peer Group Leader

Aristotle Domingo
Founder | Amputee Coalition of Toronto

Todd, as he is often referred to in the group, is a bilateral amputee.
He is an adaptive athlete, a patient and family advocate, and a motivational speaker.


Instagram: @amputo
Twitter: @ampu_to
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArtistAristotleDomingo

Amputee Coalition of Toronto welcomes all amputees in Toronto and the surrounding GTA to
join our support group for more information on monthly meetups, upcoming events, and a safe space to share your journey.
We’re in this together!